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It’s been a bit of a hectic week, and I’m sorry to say didn’t get a chance to write up a full episode. But I do have a few little things we can talk about. So this is Miscellany 2. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

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The time is finally here. You’ve been bombarded by the media about it for almost for an entire year now. Well the wait is over. It’s the beginning of the presidential election season. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

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In this week's episode I share some of my favorite iPhone apps.

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Milestone day, we’ve reached episode 20 of the new era. Yay! So today’s writing exercise, if you chose to accept it, is what would you advise your 20 year old self.

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Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a great 2016 so far. This is our first episode of the year. So why don’t we catch up a bit.

Also State of the Blog Oklahoma Network, regsiter to vote, and we're now on TuneIn.

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The Blog Oklahoma family and I wish you the best in this holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!!

This is an encore presentation from December 20, 2009 -- Tis' the weekend before Christmas and all through the house everyone is doing their own thing, giving me time to click this mouse. Mixing some music I've come across in the course of the year, all in the hopes of giving you some holiday cheer. Some of the music is traditional and others quite not. But I hope you enjoy this music that I have brought.

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What do you do when you don't like what you’ve written? Well you rewrite it.

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In this episode I talk about my Instagram #blogmonth challenge and share a tale of us being frozen over Thanksgiving.

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You dribble up to the hoop. You shoot. You miss. There are times when you just don’t win. That doesn’t mean you’re an abject failure, it just means you didn’t succeed this time.

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I this week’s episode I introduce you to another tool for your writing toolbox, Markdown.

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