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The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is an open topic podcast, so I'm likely to talk about anything. Mostly though, I'll share writing, blogging, podcasting, and other tech information; attempt to keep everyone up on Oklahoma current events, especially when it's time to go vote; highlight some of Oklahoma's fascinating history; and I'll also let everyone in on my day to day life here in the Great State of Oklahoma.

And as always, thank you for listening to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. – K. Latham

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Mar 29, 2010

You would think that getting a new house would be a fairly straight forward process; you determine what you want, get a list of homes that fit that criteria and then you select one. In practice, it is a chaotic and confusing fall down a rabbit hole of increasingly complex legal and financial requirements spinning around your head like angry bees, waiting to swoop in and sting you if you make a single mistake; while at the same time trying to arrange to visit with increasingly annoyed sellers who don't want to have to stop watching jeopardy so you can see the home that they claim they want to sell. Hello this is your guest host Chad Henderson, and as you can tell, I am trying to find a home.

A very big thank you to Chad for filling in for me this week. Please feel free to check out his podcast, ElmoCast. I'll be back next week with an all new episode. - Kevin

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