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Welcome to Blog Oklahoma 

The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is an open topic podcast, so I'm likely to talk about anything. Mostly though, I'll share writing, blogging, podcasting, and other tech information; attempt to keep everyone up on Oklahoma current events, especially when it's time to go vote; highlight some of Oklahoma's fascinating history; and I'll also let everyone in on my day to day life here in the Great State of Oklahoma.

And as always, thank you for listening to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. – K. Latham

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Dec 3, 2011

It's good to be back after the break. Hope you had a great thanksgiving. I know I enjoyed my time away from the keyboard. So let's get this podcast out the door, the big bedlam game is on tonight. In this week's episode "In The News" is back, I spotlight a useful iPhone app, and I updated you on a new Blog Oklahoma project. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

In The News:
Some of the latest from the Oklahoma blog-o-sphere and the main street media

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